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Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another Fallen Earth-related website. Yeah, I know, there really aren’t enough around – I was just thinking the same thing.

So what’s to make this one different from the rest? Well, the way I see it, most fansites (does this qualify as a fansite? I guess it does) focus either on collating complete, useful information. Good examples of this are the various Wiki- and DB-type fansites out there, like the TAO, Suspicious Cheese or Clan Hamthrax wikis, and of course the esteemed GlobalTechAtlas. They aim to provide you with anything and everything you need to know to… well, know things. Who sells what, where the APs are at, and which book contains that elusive Refine Moonshine knowledge.

Me, I’m a different stripe of cat – a more casual stripe, to be precise. While I appreciate fullness of information, in the end I’m in no real rush to experience the entire game ASAP, which is probably why my main is still level 14, when most people who started playing when I did are at least 10 levels ahead, and some are 30. I like to get the full experience, yeah, but I take a rather meandering route through it.

That’s been my MO in practically every MMO I’ve played, and there’ve been a few. Even Blizzard’s game-that-must-not-be-named, as it is often referred to in /help. Which brings me to my point: As a game, WoW bored me pretty quickly. But you know what Blizzard did better than anyone? Fluff. Nobody did fluff like Blizzard. Be it useless non-combat pets or silly achievements, I always smile when I see it. But my favorite activity (passive though it may have been) was finding pop culture references. WoW was chock-full of them. From shout-outs to older Blizzard games (such as the Lost Vikings) to humorous—and yes, mostly campy—nudges towards various movies, books and franchises – anything from Ernest Hemingway to Terry Pratchett to Star Trek had a place in WoW.

But see, since I quit WoW, I haven’t seen a game that bothered with such negligible nonsense. And then came Fallen Earth. I discovered it about a month ago and, post-apocalyptic fanboy that I am, took right to it. And with its open world and sandbox feel, I’ve been happily wandering the Wasteland since. And after visiting some towns and camps, I couldn’t help but notice… some of these guys’ names look familiar. Holy crap! As if all the other fun wasn’t enough, they’ve got my favorite game-within-a-game, too.

And that’s when I decided: there are quite enough blogs and websites that aim to give you a more complete game experience. And besides, I don’t have much to contribute in that field. What I can do, however, is try to point out the little things that folks may have missed while chasing that elusive serendipity item or that last AP mission they forgot to do.

So now that my insanely long-winded self-introduction is over, I’d like to officially welcome you all to Fallen Fluff. My name is Krazny, and I will be your guide on this journey through everything ultimately useless, but otherwise fun, in Fallen Earth.


  1. mstk

    Hi! nice idea to search and post those easter eggs.

    Ive found 2 “fluffs” – both in s2. One in Devon Township : theres a bartender named Jacques Renault and a name of a bar is also similar to the one in Twin Peak’s too 🙂
    Second is at north of Blaine – an actual Stonehenge made of cars!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Krazny

    Thank you for those two, mstk – I will put them up as soon as I haul my arse up to S2 so I can start seeing the sights and taking the screenshots.

    I think I’ll also set up a submission form 🙂

  3. Ensom Ulv

    Not sure if this is the kind of “fluff” you are looking for but…
    When completing the quest “Rotterminded” for Graham 442 in Rest Stop for the “You’re Dying” quest line, Graham 442 says “You were able to locate alpha samples of the clone workers? How wonderful! I’ll take the ones marked WF042. That denotes the forty second worker sample obtained. And 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything….I don’t know what that means but it’s in my memory for some reason.”

    You can then reply either “I don’t know what it means either.” or “It’s from a famous book.” The book of corpse is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams

  4. Krazny

    That is exactly the kind of fluff I’m talking about Ensom :). In fact, I was just taking screenies of that very mission yesterday. Yeah, it took me until level 16 to finally go do the mission in Rest Stop.

    Thanks for your input!

  5. JKillz

    Hiya Krazny,

    JKillz here from the Broken Future team. Just wanted to say I love the concept of your site and must admit that I’ve also had the feeling of knowing that NPC or mission title from somewhere in the pop-culture world. Glad to see someone with an eye for that sort of thing putting it to good use!

    I’ll be sure to mark your site down to get added to Broken Future for when we get to updating our links page.

    Keep it up and best of luck to your site!

  6. Krazny

    Hello there JKillz

    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the site. I know I enjoy yours: it’s one of the first FE-related sites I frequented, and I hear you’ve got even more to manage these days :).

    You keep on the good work, and thank you for the well-wishes.

  7. Winston Grimm

    Hey Krazny!

    I like your Fallen blog you’ve set up here – just stumbled upon it wanted to let you know I dig it!



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