Fallen Fluff

A Break from the Apocalypse

Those of you following the fluffy findings of Kraz and his merry alts may have noticed that recently the frequency of new findings of fluff has lessened. Drastically. This is due to the simple fact that I am no longer really playing. Real life and all that jazz. I've...

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Happy Birthday, Fallen Earth!

Yeah folks, it's happened. Fallen Earth is celebrating its first birthday. They truly made a grand event of it, in my opinion: a nice cypher competition and all sorts of other build-up events, summed up by what I am told was a great live event (I'm not in the US, so...

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Welcome to Fallen Fluff

Hello everyone, and welcome to Fallen Fluff. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the name might need some explaining, and those of you who actually want to read that explanation are invited to go ahead and visit our About page. Those of you who are disinclined to do so...

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