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A Break from the Apocalypse

by | Jan 15, 2011 | News | 0 comments

Those of you following the fluffy findings of Kraz and his merry alts may have noticed that recently the frequency of new findings of fluff has lessened. Drastically. This is due to the simple fact that I am no longer really playing. Real life and all that jazz. I’ve still got a bunch of fluff stored up, and every now and then I hope to regale you with further tales of fluff and fun in Fallen Earth, time allowing. Hopefully the towns I will write about will not have been destroyed by then…

So until I can manage another post, I bid you good times, and plenty of post-apocalyptic shenanigans. And if you see any fluff, feel free to mail it to me with a couple of screenshots, to krazny@fallenfluff.com, where it will mix and mingle with other bits of fluff, until I manage to get it up here.


by | Jan 15, 2011 | News | 0 comments


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