Fight Club; Midway Chapter

During my happy exploration of the Wasteland in search of AP, my path lead me to the starter town of Midway, where getting from point A to point B is a simple matter of going to point C, climbing up to point D, jumping across to points E, F and Q. As I tend to do, I went AFK in the middle of the wasteland around the town, and when I came back to the computer I was revived at the local LifeNet pod – yes, even low level Found can kill you if you stand around long enough. I was making my way to the nearest garage which, unlike some businesses in the city, was at ground level, when I came upon a building sporting the following fine examples of post-Fall signcraft:

One house over from the Midway Knitting Club

Look familiar? I thought so, too. I talked to the mission giver standing by this building (Fallen Earth: the only place where you are encouraged to talk to people with biohazard signs over their heads) and she had the following mission to give me:

So yeah, it looks like I found Fight Club. But you know, I can’t really talk about it. I’m also sorry to say that none of the resident GBH afficiandos bear any resemblance in name or appearance to Tyler and the gang. Then again, maybe I just need to watch the movie again. Or read the book.

Welcome to Fallen Fluff

Hello everyone, and welcome to Fallen Fluff. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that the name might need some explaining, and those of you who actually want to read that explanation are invited to go ahead and visit our About page. Those of you who are disinclined to do so are more than invited to read on: it will get pretty self-explanatory right quick.

So without further ado: My name is Krazny, and I will be updating pop culture references, punny names and other bits of fluff in Fallen Earth as I find them. Well, sort of as I find them. So come on, let’s find some fluff.